Investment Frontier’s Top Posts of 2013


This year was a big year for Investment Frontier. We began to post weekly and despite the chaos of daily life managed to maintain that through the year, writing 53 posts in all! We also launched the Market Dashboard in July, a nifty tool we update weekly for keeping track of frontier equity markets around the world.

Looking back, these were our top 5 most popular posts of 2013:

1. Investor’s List: Countries with Fixed Currency Exchange Rates

What began as a personal project to compile a proper list of countries with fixed currency and pegged exchange rates became our most popular post of the year.  It is also a list we will watch and continue to maintain.

2. Seychelles: Home to the World’s Smallest Stock Exchange

We wrote about Trop-X, Seychelles’ very own stock exchange which just happens to be one of the newest/smallest stock exchanges in the world. They have one stock now, SACOS Group, which began trading in August at 68 and closes the year at 66. We’re looking for an excuse to make an onsite trip to the country to learn more..

3. The World’s Hottest Property Market is in Somalia

Somalia, a country most people associate with pirates or Black Hawk Down, but actually home to one of the best performing property markets in the world this year. The effects of QE on rising asset prices have clearly reached the farthest corners of the globe.

4. 7 Countries with Debt Ceilings or Limits

We were in the midst of an impending US government shutdown, and there was much talk of how unique (and preposterous) the US’ debt ceiling was. Lost amongst the hyperbole was a look at what other countries adhere to debt ceilings and limits as well, so we made our own.

5. MSCI Frontier Markets Index: 5 Things to Know

We listened to a conference call hosted by MSCI in order to get the latest facts about an ETF that is probably most investors’ only exposure to “frontier markets”. Unfortunately, there are several limitations to using the ETF for frontier equity allocations, although it remains superior to its main competitor, FRN.

Bonus Post: Frontier Markets’ Broker Account Opening Check-list

Our sixth most popular post is actually one of our most useful, especially for investors looking to expand their horizons in 2014. We suggest you check out that post along with our more country specific posts to ensure you are prepared for investing in foreign local markets.

Good luck in 2014!

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