Frontier Markets Debt Dashboard Launched By Investment Frontier


Frontier Markets Debt Dashboard Launched Investment Frontier

We are happy to announce the launch of our Frontier Markets Debt Dashboard.  It is a work-in-progress given the lack of information available on many of the markets we cover, but it is a start, and something we hope to improve as time goes on.  It will be regularly available under the ‘Investor Resources’ menu at the top of our site.  Right alongside our regular Market Dashboard.

We have provided credit ratings based on Moody’s, who is widely-held as the primary rating agency globally. If you are unfamiliar with Moody’s ratings, please see the table below and also check out their guide here.

AaaHighest quality, minimal credit risk
AaHigh quality and very low credit risk
Aupper-medium grade and subject to low credit risk
BaaModerate credit risk and may possess certain speculative characteristics
BaSpeculative elements and substantial credit risk
BSpeculative and high credit risk
CaaPoor standing and very high credit risk
CaHighly speculative with low prospect of recovery of principal and interest
CLowest rated class of bonds, typically in default.
1,2,3Moody's appends numerical modifiers to each rating classification. The modifier 1 indicated that the obligations ranks in the higher end of its generic rating category. Conversely, 3 indicates a ranking in the lower end of that generic rating category

The next column provides deposit rates for each country, where available.  Blanks indicate that ratings are unavailable.  Deposit rates are typically 3-months, but for some countries are 1-month rates.  These rates are updated infrequently, but provide the best data that is available, as of the date on the top right.

We will endeavour to have this updated on a monthly basis.

The fourth column is 10-year rates for each country where available.  We have focused on domestic borrowing rates, rather than USD borrowing rates.

The last column is total debt outstanding for each country in USD, millions terms. The total universe we look at has approximately $1.1 trillion in outstanding debt.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, certainly let us know.

We have provided the debt dashboard below for your reference, but in the future it will only be available under ‘Investor Resources’

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