Who are We?

Investment Frontier is run by Mike and Rayan, two Canadian guys with a lot of passion for investing in Frontier Markets and a deep experience in capital markets.  Collectively we formed Shalifay, an investment vehicle that pursues value everywhere.

The Team:

Mike: Emerging markets and macro-economic trends have been his focus for a decade while managing one of the biggest portfolios on the trading floor at HSBC. His claim to frontier market fame is becoming one of the first 10 investors on the Rwandan Stock Exchange.  When not searching for promising investments, Mike is reading, taking computer science courses, and cheering on Toronto-based sports teams.

Rayan: For over a decade, Rayan has managed investments across different asset classes. His current area of focus is in real estate, where he is COO/CFO at Fraction.  Previously, Rayan was COO/CFO at Unison in San Francisco. From the heat of Saudi Arabia to the cold of the Canadian Arctic, Rayan has lived life on the frontier. When not debating the merits of inflation data, Rayan goes for long drives, surveys the latest offerings in world cinema, and also supports Toronto-based sporting institutions.

Get In Touch:

We’re easygoing guys who are open to meeting and discussing ideas with passionate people. Drop us a line at shalifay@investmentfrontier.com and we’ll be sure to get back to you.