What Countries Are Safe To Invest In?

The biggest question to any investor looking at investing in a foreign market is one of capital safety; frontier investors will always ask: “Is it safe to invest in that country?”

To help investors decide how safe or how dangerous a market is to invest in, we created our Investment Safety Rankings!

We have sought to quantify the process of identifying countries that are safe to invest in through our Investment Safety Rankings. Three main factors are taken into consideration when deciding to invest in a new country:

  • Corruption and Rule of Law
  • Business Environment
  • Social and Political Risk

To measure these three factors, we looked at three main NGO rankings:

  • Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI)
  • The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Rankings (EDB)
  • Fund for Peace’s Fragile State Index (FSI)

By averaging these three rankings into one super-ranking, our Investment Safety Rankings rank 192 countries on how it is safe to invest there. For more information read our introduction post: here

Here are our full set of investment safety rankings (fully searchable and downloadable):

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* Last updated September 2018